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If you have read The Road to the Horseshoe and Beyond, you probably noticed the section at the end titled “Ask Rex.” Since my days at Lancaster High School, I have enjoyed talking with fans and discussing their questions. Though that interaction peaked at Ohio State and in the NFL, it has continued through today, at OSU alumni events, such as Buckeye Cruise for Cancer and golf outings; FCA programs; and even during chance meetings on the street or at Buckeye games. We kept adding stories to “Ask Rex” until the publisher said, “Stop, we have to go to press.”

Yet I am certain we did not include every good story, or interesting question. The book will encourage fans to think, “They should have said this about that,” and they may be right. Certainly, some teammate is going to say, “Rex, how did you forget to mention …?” I expect that to happen as soon as October 29, 2021, when our 1970 team gathers to celebrate our Big Ten title (and rehash the Rose Bowl loss yet again.) Based on events of the last 12 months or so, I will come up with more memories as well.

So, stop by rexkern.net any time you want and see what we have added or ask your question. The topic may be as old as the 1968 Purdue game or as new as the latest Buckeye battle. Your requests are welcome. Just leave a comment on this post or reach out using my connect page. I would love to hear from you.

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