As he says in the preface, Rex’s main goal with The Road to the Horseshoe and Beyond is to pay forward and backward at the same time. What started as a way of sharing his stories and life lessons with just his family grew to become a new way of giving back to others.

Charity work, servitude, and the act of giving back are important to Rex, and he preaches their importance daily. Over the years, he has come to partner with several nonprofits, and so, for every autographed copy of The Road to the Horseshoe and Beyond sold, Rex will donate $20 to one of the below organizations, or divide it equally between all four.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
As a devout Christian and former athlete, Rex has had a long-standing relationship with this organization. He values their work in sharing the message of Christ and their joint faith.

Buckeye Cruise for Cancer
Rex’s mentor and friend Jack Havens, who is mentioned frequently in the book, was instrumental in starting Arthur James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State. This organization, Buckeye Cruise for Cancer, has been an overwhelming success, and Rex is proud to work with them.  

Archie Griffin Scholarship Fund
This organization by Rex’s dear friend Archie helps support Olympic athletes and creates scholarship opportunities for those athletes to attend Ohio State.

Ohio State Athletic Department
This organization has been incredibly important to Rex since the 1960 basketball team burst on the scene. 


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